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AQ Skin Solutions

AQ Skin Solutions’ products are formulated with patented growth factor technology designed to rejuvenate skin, hair follicles and vaginal walls. We’re proud to be the first stockist in Scotland & training centre.

Specialising in pioneering, premium results-driven cosmeceuticals, AQ Skin Solutions harness the body’s natural repair system to achieve healthy, beautiful and rejuvenated skin. This multi-award winning brand consists of a superior collection of home-use products and in-clinic treatments that are favourites amongst leading professionals, practitioners and celebrities alike.

AQ Skin Solutions’ birthplace is in modern science and its journey is one of the most exciting skincare breakthroughs this century. Inspired by the discovery of Growth Factors (GF) in 1994, Dr. Ahmed Al-Qahtani, a leading US immunologist found that this same technology could achieve remarkable improvements to the appearance of aging, damaged skin and help restore normal hair growth.

Contained within the skin and scalp, growth factors regulate natural cellular renewal and damage repair processes in the skin. Unavoidable chronological aging and excessive free radical damage can cause a breakdown in collagen and elastin networks in the dermis, eventually impairing growth factor function and permanently reducing their ability to repair oxidative damage. Growth Factors are responsible for helping to reverse the visible effects of this and AQ Skin Solutions uses cutting-edge technology to utilise them in topical skincare products.

Post 25 years old, our cellular levels and skin automatically changes which means less fibroblasts (responsible for making growth factors). By flooding the system with Growth Factors through AQ Skin Solutions this reverses this damage and stimulates repair, almost allowing the skin to turn back time.

When used in-clinic to compliment other treatments such as Micro-Needling, AQ Skin Solutions has more reliable results than PRP and Laser treatments but with minimal downtime and complications.

Active Serum

Bolstering the natural renewal of cells, AQ Skin Solutions Active Serum uses patented Growth Factor Technology to promote the natural growth, organisation and maintenance of the skins’ own cells. Containing high-purity fibroblast growth factors which are similar to the growth factors that are naturally made by the body, the serum activates the skins own recovery system helping it

to naturally rejuvenate and return it to its youthful state.





AQ Vaginal Rejuvenation System

Despite the high number of women experiencing symptoms related to vaginal dryness, it

is still a silent condition that many women feel embarrassed to share with their partners, friends, and even doctors. Vaginal dryness is a common symptom experienced during the premenopausal and post

menopausal years. Although inadequate vaginal lubrication can occur at any age, vaginal dryness is a hallmark sign of vaginal atrophy (atrophic vaginitis) – the thinning and inflammation of the vaginal wall due to a decline in estrogen. Along with vaginal dryness, women may also experience itching and stinging around the vaginal opening, and in the lower third of the vagina.

AQ Vaginal Rejuvenation System (VRS) is a hormone-free system that aims to increase vaginal cell renewal and rejuvenation. Designed to combat vaginal dryness and firm the vaginal walls, AQ Vaginal Rejuvenation System (VRS) uses patented growth factor technology to help increase lubrication, improve elasticity, and potentially enhance arousal.


Eye Serum

Specially formulated to be used to treat the delicate area around the eye, the AQ Skin Solutions Eye Serum lightens and tightens the eye area for a more youthful appearance.  The highly concentrated formula contains a unique blend of new generation peptides and Growth Factor Technology to stimulate the skin’s natural process of repair and rejuvenation by providing the biological elements that are present in young, healthy skin. Stimulating collagen production for increased firmness while the smoothing peptides help tighten and lift sagging skin, the serum reduces fine lines and increases micro-circulation to lighten dark circles.





AQ Advanced Hair Complex

AQ Skin Solution’s Advanced Hair Complex+ was created to address aging hair follicles and hair loss by employing patented growth factor technology to promote healthy hair. Stem cells lining the hair follicles are crucial for the production and maintenance of hair. Supplementing with growth factors and active ingredients provides support to these stem cells so that hair can thrive. AQ’s advanced formulation works by nourishing hair follicles to a more functional and healthy state with GFs, active ingredients and fruit oils.

The Advanced Hair Complex+ aims to improve the overall condition of the scalp and damaged hair follicles, while trying to increase the circulation of select growth factor proteins found in your healthy hair follicles. This process can allow for a normal hair growth cycle that leads to improved overall hair quality.


AQ Elegant Lash Wands

This 30-day at-home treatment is the secret to longer, thicker and darker eye lashes and brows. This is a safe and natural formulation that restores the health and vitality of eyelashes and eyebrows by naturally encouraging hair matrix production.

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