Massage Special Offer

Purchase either 6 Full Body Massage with Hot Stones or Aromatherapy Massage or Thai-Style Bundle Massage and receive 15% off.

Escape the stresses of life with our range of specialist massages to ease out any tension in the body.  Feel free to continue your relaxation after your treatment with a herbal tea.  Treatment times include a consultation with your massage therapist.

Full Body Hot Stone Massage

This highly relaxing treatment is designed to ease tired or achey muscles. Warm volcanic stones are incorporated into the massage as an extension of the therapists own hands. (1hr 10mins) – normally £55 – Purchase 6 for just £280.50 so £46.75 per treatment.

Aromatherapy Massage

Includes full body, face & scalp massage; using blends of essential oils which are carefully chosen for you. Rose quartz crystals are used on the face (optional) for facial drainage, added luxury and relaxation. (1hr 10mins) – normally £55 – Purchase 6 for just £280.50 so £46.75 per treatment.

Thai-Style Bundle Massage

Steamed herbal compresses are combined with massage to not only release muscle tension but also to detoxify the skin – normally £55 – Purchase 6 for just £280.50 so £46.75 per treatment.

Please call reception to take advanatge 01738 451567.


Tay Medispa / Perth