Red Carpet Full Body Experience

Purchase 6 Red Carpet Full Body Experience for £600, to use at your leisure. SAVING £270.

Red Carpet Full Body Experience, includes the world famous iS Clinical Fire & Ice facial Resurfacing Facial, therapeutic Massage along with an intensive resurfacing masque to the Hands, Decollete, Neck & Shoulders. Simply put it is one of the World’s best resurfacing treatments. Perfect for any big event or a luxurious treat.

Please call reception to take advantage of this special offer 01738 451567.

Client Feedback

Had a lovely Red Carpet treatment, Fire + Ice Facial. Can’t recommend this treatment enough, second one for me. Leaves skin feeling amazing and you also get a relaxing massage, just to add to the experience. Thank you so much again Rebecca. 

Red carpet treatment was amazing.

Wasn’t sure what to expect from my ‘Fire and Ice’ Red Carpet treatment but had had Sarah before so knew it would be well worth the money because she is just amazing at what she does. WOW! What an experience! Came out feeling refreshed. Skin felt lovely and soft and the massage perfect, just the way I like it, released so many knots. Would definitely do it again. 


Tay Medispa / Perth