Live Native Signature Facial – £65

Combines the unique healing energies of specifically selected crystals with the therapeutic benefits of fresh, enzyme-active LIVING skincare products. The facial, which utilizes only the purest RAW vegan organic ingredients available, begins with a soothing foot lymph reflex massage. A three-step facial cleanse is followed by stimulating skin brushing and a rejuvenating Japanese Jade and Rose Quartz massage ensuring increased blood flow and lymphatic drainage to gently reduce puffiness. The treatment is carefully designed to restore dermal equilibrium by stimulating the skin’s natural detoxification, which in turn encourages its inherent healing ability. The health giving properties of RAW organic SkinFoods not only nourish and treat, but also feed the skin with powerful life-loving antioxidants, minerals and enzymes – The glowing results are near instant.

£65 – 75 minute facial.