Acne Scarring

Contrary to what many people believe, Acne is not limited to adolescence; in fact many people struggle with Acne into adult life. Severe, untreated or difficult to control Acne can be a distressing condition and may lead to permanent damage in the skin. Acne scarring is most commonly seen on the face, chest and back; and it may become more noticeable with age because our skin loses collagen. The key to great results is first to identify the type of scar.

There are a variety of scarring patterns:

  • Ice-pick
  • Boxcar
  • Rolling
  • Hypertrophic

We have a number of treatment options for Acne scarring, leaving the scar either heavily faded or completely removed.

If you have active Acne we will need to address that in the first instance; in which case please click here

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