AQ Growth Factor Micro-Needling Facial

Post 25 years old, our cellular levels and skin automatically changes which means less fibroblasts cells (responsible for making growth factors). Skin loses 1% of the number of fibroblast and 1% of its thickness per year. By flooding the system with AQ Growth Factors this reverses this damage and stimulates repair, almost allowing the skin to turn back time.

Growth Factors are responsible for helping to reverse the visible signs of aging and skin damage and AQ Skin Solutions uses cutting-edge technology to utilise them in topical skincare products.

Using Micro-Needling (AQ Dermastamp) introduces vertical microscopic channels into the skin, this will help aid the delivery of the growth factors for optimum results with minimal downtime and complications.

The results are improvement in skin texture, lightening hyper-pigmentation, reducing scar tissue and fine lines, thus revealing fresher, younger and more healthy-looking skin.

AQ Skin Solutions’ birthplace is in modern science and its journey is one of the most exciting skincare breakthroughs this century. Inspired by the discovery of Growth Factors (GF) in 1994, Dr. Ahmed Al-Qahtani, a leading US immunologist found that this same technology could achieve remarkable improvements to the appearance of aging, damaged skin and help restore normal hair growth